Youth Group Thank You

The youth group had a great time on their visit to the gulf coast. We dove into a great Bible study and had many great experiences visiting museums and learning more about the history and impact of the gulf coast and the ports. These experiences and opportunities for bonding would not be possible without the help and support of our wonderful congregation. We are truly strengthening the relationships of these brothers and sisters in Christ.

Every Lent Dinner donation, sold Easter Brunch ticket, and more help make these things possible and we are very grateful. We have some exciting fundraisers coming up for the 2022-2023 year of youth! Keep an eye out in the bulletin for announcements. Thank you again for your support! In Christ,

-Emily Trahan / Youth Director

I loved the whole trip it was great. We fished in the Biloxi Bay. We went in a pool and swam for hours. We loved it. We also studied the Bible. We learned the Disciples were very scared whileJesus was not scared. We went down the riverside. We ate a lot of good food. Including my favorite: Seafood. I had to eat about 100 pieces of crawfish. We learned like the Disciples did to trust the Captain aka Jesus. We went in a fishing boat. We also went to two museums, Maritime and the Mardi Gras museum. I really thank the congregation for their donations that allow our youth group to have fun trips like these.

-Izzy Pruitt

I am very happy I came in this trip because we did a lot of fun things. Some of those things are: Eating seafood, going to the maritime museum, going fishing, and going to the Mardi gras museum. We learned at the Mardi gras museum, when it started, why people celebrate it, and what they wear during it. We learned at the maritime museum, certain types of boats, how they peel shrimp, etc. While we were fishing we caught several fish but none of them were big enough to eat. We learned about the disciples being stuck on the boat in the middle of the storm. They were all scared and were panicking. I can relate to that because when we were on the boat the waves were very choppy, especially at the end when the storms started to roll in. More about the disciples is that when the storms were breaking the boat and making it sink, Jesus was asleep! All of the disciples were wondering how he was still asleep. When Jesus woke up he said “Sea, be calm” and the storms stopped. There was no more thunder or rain.The disciples needed to have faith in Jesus and trust him that the boat would not sink. Just like we had to have faith in Jesus that we would be safe while riding on the boat. We all trusted that Jesus would keep us safe and not let anything happen.I’m glad the congregation supports our fundraisers. Thank you.

– Eli Conn

My overall experience on the trip to Gulfport was a good time. On the first day there, we went to the Maritime and Seafood museum and learned about hurricane Katrina and about some of the boats the museum had. My favorite boat was one called ‘Lil Bee’ and it’s a small speed boat that does not require registration. In our bible study, we learned about how Jesus healed the sick and crippled with his authority. On the second day, we got up at 4:45 in the morning to go on a fishing trip to the bay where we met Captain Mark. Captain Mark took us to three fishing spots. At the first spot, I caught a speckled trout. At the second spot, I caught mostly catfish and one croaker. And Mrs. Emily technically caught one fish and why I say one fish is because her first fish was a bait fish that was not in the boat because it set itself free from the hook and her fish that counts was a catfish. And on the third spot we caught a whole bunch of nothing and a storm suddenly rolled in and we had to go back to the dock. Our bible study that day, we learned about how Jesus calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee. On the third day, we went to the Mardi Gras Museum and saw some cool costumes and we ate at the blind mule. That night we had crawfish. Our last day, we went to church in Fairhope and we went to Freddy’s burgers for lunch and after that we were on our way home. I learned we can do anything through Jesus because he beat death and I learned to trust Jesus and to stay calm in times of crisis. I want to thank everyone that comes to our dinners and fundraisers because the congregations support helps makes these trips possible for us.

– Jeremiah Dake

What did I learn in bible study: Jesus calmed the seas while on a boat with his disciples. They were afraid of the rough seas and choppy waves just like me. The fishing trip last week was just like that experience. But I am learning to trust God more when I am feeling afraid. What was the best part of the experience: The Mardi Gras Museum is kinda like the Tower of London because it has treasures of robes, crowns. What new thing that did I learn: That people would throw moon pies at people at Mardi Gras. Hurricane Katrina, the most dangerous thing in existence, and I tried new food. Thank you, St.Paul’s, for your generosity.

– Jacob Douglas