Choosing St. Paul’s Lutheran School for your child’s education brings numerous benefits. Our school provides a Classical Lutheran Education that encompasses children from three years old through 6th grade. Students receive a strong faith foundation with daily chapel attendance and a curriculum emphasizing the study of Scriptures and Luther’s Small Catechism. Our twofold mission of cultivating the mind through the liberal arts and nourishing the soul through Lutheran teachings sets us apart, ensuring students develop character, critical thinking skills, and a deep understanding of their faith. This holistic approach defines the essence of a Classical Lutheran Education, combining the liberal arts with Lutheran catechesis to provide a well-rounded educational experience.

St. Paul’s Lutheran School is a ministry of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. St. Paul’s School finances its operation through the tuition & fees collected from families using the school ministry, contributions from church and school members, fundraisers, miscellaneous gifts & projects. We sincerely thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at St. Paul’s Lutheran School.


St. Paul’s Lutheran School is committed to making quality education accessible to all families. In line with this mission, we are excited to announce our partnership with Scholarships for Kids, a program designed to provide scholarships to children whose families meet the qualifications.

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive academically and spiritually, and through this partnership, we aim to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder a student’s access to a transformative education.

We invite interested families to call or visit us to learn more about the application process and explore the possibilities of securing a scholarship for their child’s educational journey. Together, let’s open doors to a brighter future and empower children to reach their full potential.


The tuition for St. Paul’s Preschool programs is outlined below. Please note that multiple-child discounts do not apply to preschool tuition. Additionally, it is important to mention that St. Paul’s Church members are required to pay full tuition for children enrolled in the 3 and 4-year-old programs.

PK 3 & PK 4 part-time is 3 full days, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The rates listed below are for a 10 month period.

PK 3 & PK 4
PK 3 & PK 4


At St. Paul’s Lutheran School, tuition rates for church members are approximately 50% of the non-member rate. These payments are to be made at the church office. To facilitate this, the St. Paul’s Church budget covers the remaining 50% of member tuition through its regular ministry offering programs. To qualify for the church member discounted rate, families must make the Eligible Member Promise, which is included in the enrollment application.

Tuition is mandatory for all students enrolled at St. Paul’s Lutheran School. Families have two payment options: a discounted rate can be obtained by making a single payment by April 24, or payments can be made in ten equal installments due on the first day of each month, starting from August 1 and ending on May 1.

For those choosing the discounted rate, a 10% discount is applicable if paid in full by cash or check by April 24 or a 5% discount if paid in full by cash or check by July 1.

The rates listed below are for a 10 month period.

K-8th Grade$510$5,100
Each Additional Student$408$4,080
K-8th Grade $255$2,550
Each Additional Student $204$2,040


To ensure a smooth enrollment process, it is essential to remember to provide the proper documentation. Once you have completed the application form, please provide our school office copies of the required documentation and pay your application fee at the church office.

Please call the school office (256-734-6580) if you need assistance with these steps or procedures. Applications cannot be considered until all requested forms have been submitted.

Application FormYou can complete this form online by clicking the “Enroll Now” button on your screen.
Application FeeThe NON-REFUNDABLE application fee MUST be paid to the church office before the application will be considered.
Standardized Test ResultCopies of standardized test results (CTBS, ST, CAT, IOWA, ETC.) are requested for grades 1-6. Obtain a copy of the MOST RECENT testing results from the present school and submit them to St. Paul’s Lutheran School office. If no test results are available, please let us know.
Report CardsSubmit a copy of all report cards. This applies to grades 1 – 6.
Birth CertificateProvide a copy to the school office.
Social Security CardProvide a copy to the school office.
Immunization FormsOriginal immunization forms are required by the state and must be provided.
KindergartenProvide the school with copies of any readiness testing results available. A readiness test will be given to any student new to St. Paul’s. The readiness test will be scheduled with the K teacher before the beginning of the school year. Kindergarten students must turn age 5 by September 1.
Student / Parent / Teacher InterviewBased on the information provided, the school will determine the need for an interview.


Upon enrollment at St. Paul’s Lutheran School, several up-front fees are due to secure your child’s place. Up-front fees are NOT REFUNDABLE and are REQUIRED for each student enrolled. These fees include the application fee, registration fee, books/supply fees, classroom supply fee, and yearbook fee. It is important to note that late fees do apply for payments made after the designated deadline. These up-front fees contribute to the overall educational experience at our school and help cover administrative costs, necessary resources, and memorable keepsakes like yearbooks.

This Applies to New Students Only$100Upon Enrollment


Enrolling at St. Paul’s Lutheran School is an investment in your child’s academic and spiritual growth. Our registration fees are a one-time payment that helps support the resources and programs we offer, ensuring a nurturing and exceptional educational experience for each student.

The registration fee must be paid BEFORE a student can be GUARANTEED A PLACE on the school’s roster. Up-front fees are due by Aug. 1 of the school year.

PK3 & PK4 Classes $225August 1st
K-8th Grade (Early Registration)$525Before April 26th
K-8th Grade (Standard Registration)$575After April 26th

Extended Care Rates

Understanding the importance of flexibility and support for families, St. Paul’s School offers a comprehensive extended care program designed to accommodate the needs of both parents and students. Our program provides a safe and nurturing environment before and after school hours, ensuring peace of mind for parents while engaging children in a variety of activities.

Morning Care6:30 AM – 7:30 AM$6 PER DAY
Enrolled Afternoon Care3:15 PM – 5:30 PM$8 PER DAY
Early Drop-in and Pick-upNo Later Than 4:30 PM$6 PER DAY
Late Drop-in and Pick-upNo Later Than 5:30 PM$10 PER DAY

Extended Care Late Fees

5:30 PM – 5:45 PM$10
5:46 PM – 6:00 PM$20
*Example: A child picked up at 5:55 PM will incur a $30 late fee.*


We kindly remind all prospective families that up-front fees for enrollment at St. Paul’s Lutheran School are due by August 1 of the school year. These fees encompass the application fee, registration fee, books/supply fees, classroom supply fee, and yearbook fee. It is important to note that a late fee will be assessed for payments made after the first of each month, starting August 2. We encourage prompt payment to avoid additional charges and ensure a smooth enrollment process.

Lunch $20Monthly
Up-Front Fees$30Monthly After August 10th

Incidental Fees

St. Paul’s may provide other programs and activities that require participation fees. These programs and activities include before and after-school care, field trips, hot lunch, milk, pictures, etc., which are optional. Contact the school office concerning any questions on our incidental fees. (These programs/activities are subject to change/termination for various reasons.)

Continuous Enrollment

Beginning with registration for 2025-2026, all students (PK3 – 8th Grade) will be automatically re-enrolled at SPLS each year, unless families notify the school office, in writing, by the published annual deadline. More information will be available this summer!

Tuition Payments

The tuition balance is paid in ten equal installments by the 20th of each month from August through May.

Tuition Discounts

Annual tuition paid in full by cash or check by April 26, 2024 will receive a 10% discount. Annual tuition paid in full by cash or check between April 27 and June 30, 2024  will receive a 5% discount.

Referral Credit: Refer a family for enrollment in SPLS and receive a one-time tuition credit of up to $500 for every student enrolled. This Referral Credit begins for new students enrolling for the 2024-2025 Academic Year. The Tuition Credit Referral Application form must be on file to be eligible. Tuition Credits are for tuition only, and may not be used for enrollment fees, or other fees or expenses (lunch, child-watch, etc).

*Families from other LCMS churches are required to submit a letter from their pastor at the time of enrollment to confirm their church membership and expected tuition support from their home congregation.

Incidental Billing

All fees, including lunch, extended care, and other incidentals will be payable by the 20th of each month.

Withdrawal Fees

There will be a $200 withdrawal fee charged for withdrawals after August 1.  No partial month tuition reimbursements will be made by SPLS. 

Late and Returned Payment Fees

A late fee of $20 will be charged on any incidental account balance after 15 calendar days of the due date without full payment.

A $30 returned payment fee will be assessed if any payment (tuition or incidental) attempt fails.

Late charges apply to extended care. Full rates and late fees are listed on the reverse side of this notice.

St. Paul’s Lutheran School reserves the right to engage a collection agency to assist in the collection of unpaid tuition or fees.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance may be available to those who qualify. A formal application for assistance will be processed through the SPLS Scholarship Committee. Parents must complete the online application by July 1. To request more information about tuition assistance, please contact the school office.